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Monitoring and Maintenance

Secure Computer Monitoring & Maintenance

We can help protect your data!

We believe you should be doing what you do best – managing your business and not worrying about your network. We can help you minimize the frequency of your service calls and downtime by monitoring your network and equipment while proactively fixing those issues as they arise. We take a hands-on approach to help you stay up and running so you can do your work distraction-free. Investing in a HostStreem Remote Monitoring & Maintenance program can save your company money by eliminating downtime for your staff and costly disaster recovery services in the event of a total system failure. We regularly check your network and hardware for signs of trouble so you don’t have to.

HostStreem offers a comprehensive list of services we perform as part of our Remote Monitoring & Maintenance program:

  • Hardware Status Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Virus Protection
  • Operating System Updates
  • Assistance with application errors
  • System Error Log reporting
  • Full Corporate Antivirus included
  • Manual Disk defragmentation
  • Antivirus updates
  • Manual monthly remote inspection
  • Verify Backups are functioning
  • Server updates and Restarts
  • Remote Emergency Assistance *
  • Assist in stolen Laptop recovery **
  • Plans start at $18.50 per computer

Prices vary depending on the level of coverage desired and the size of your network. Inquire to get an exact quote.

* Emergency assistance is offered as an additional service and may be billed separately as needed. Examples would be Virus removal, hard drive data transfer, remote network support.

** Stolen laptop recovery is based on ip tracking and location. The laptop’s ip is sent back to the monitoring software which can then be provided to the police.

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